Who Are We

logoNETRADIOLOGY was created by a team of experienced Radiologists with a view to offering diagnostic imaging services by means of the Internet. The company's equipment, the sophisticated PACS System, the safe transfer of data through the VPN Cloud, and the strict choice of collaborating Radiologists allow the rapid and high-quality assessment and diagnosis of the imaging examinations from wherever they originate.

The company is bound to guarantee stable high quality and diagnostic accuracy of the collaborating imaging laboratories and full exploitation of the possibilities of their medical equipment.

The experience of our doctors covers the entire spectrum of Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (MRI) examinations including advanced and demanding applications such as MR Mammography, Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate, MR Enterography, MR Angiography, MR Spectroscopy, and Cardiac MRI.

doctorsgeneric02Depending on the needs of your Imaging Laboratory we offer the possibility for responsible diagnosis of all types of Computed Tomography (CT), PET-CT.
We also offer particular experience in the diagnosis of advanced CT examinations, such as Angiography, Coronary Angiography, Urography, Colonography, and Enterography.

Our Radiologists are highly specialized and have many years of experience in major hospitals and diagnostic centers. The particular involvement of each of our doctors in specific fields of imaging modalities and applications ensures that the assessment of the examinations is accomplished by the radiologist with the highest level of specialization, even for the most sophisticated and advanced techniques.

Our target is to keep up with and immediately adjust to the constant and quick progression in health services.

Teleradiology is a sector of this progress that allows the provision of medical services of a high standard with logical costs to remote areas of the country or worldwide.

We deem that the immediate and reliable diagnosis is the cornerstone for success in your investment efforts and this consideration sets up the philosophy of our company.



The objective of our company is to supply high-quality Teleradiology services, especially in the fields of MRI and CT and on the entire spectrum of advanced applications of these imaging modalities. Radiologists with high experience and specialization guarantee the optimal exploitation of your Imaging equipment and offer examinations orientated towards the clinical problem of your patients. We assure our associates that they will have the best specialists at their service, who will contribute to the development and success of their company.


  • The use of high technology equipment guarantees high quality and fast services.
  • High-quality examinations through the best exploitation of the technological equipment of your department, with our intervention whenever needed.
  • Diagnostic management of each case by the most specialized radiologist.
  • Cooperation and teamwork between our Expert Radiologists for the management of complicated cases.
  • Accurate diagnoses orientated to the clinical problem of each individual patient.
  • Advisory support to our customers regarding the continual upgrading and improvement of their investment, best use of their medical equipment, training of personnel and effective workflow.
  • Continuous observation of developments in Medical Imaging and their incorporation into our services.


  • The improvement of Medical Services of each individual collaborating Μedical Center or Radiology Department through the provision of specialized services in Diagnostic Imaging, which would not be otherwise available.
  • The continual improvement in the rapidly developing medical and technological environment.
  • Building relationships of appreciation and trust with our associates and the medical doctors in every area, where we provide our services.

Our Objective

Our objective is to always be alert and to immediately adjust to the constantly and rapidly changing environment of health services.
Teleradiology is part of this environment which allows the provision of high standard medical services with an affordable cost remote from large residential areas, locations and also anywhere worldwide.
We deem that qualitative and reliable diagnosis is the cornerstone for the success of your investments and this defines the philosophy of our company.

Why us

Expert Radiologists

Radiologists with deep knowledge and many years of experience in all areas of modern imaging. We cover the most demanding modern applications, such as MR Spectroscopy, MR Mammography, MR and CT Angiography,  Multiparametric MRI of the prostate, Cardiac MRI, CT Coronary Angiography, CT Colonography, CT and MR Enterography.