• Free installation in your Diagnostic Center of the equipment required for the safe transfer of data with your only obligation being the availability of a high speed Internet connection.
  • Design and standardization of all the examinations of your diagnostic center according to appropriate protocols, thus minimizing the examination time.
  • Our doctors cover the entire spectrum of Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (MRI) examinations including sophisticated and advanced applications, such as MR Mammography, Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate, MR Enterography, MRI Angiography, MR Spectroscopy and Cardiac MRI.
  • Our doctors cover the entire spectrum of Computed Tomography (CT) and PET-CT examinations. Design of protocols and diagnosis of advanced CT applications, such as CT Coronary Angiography, CT Angiography, CT Urography, CT Colonography and Enterography.
  • Assessment and diagnosis of each examination by the most experienced Radiologist in the particular field.
  • Advisory support to your technologists by our specialized personnel. Potential for on-site training.
  • The possibility for secretarial support to ensure the return of the completed diagnoses of your examinations to your Diagnostic Center or the Attending Physician.
  • Possibility for collaboration on a standard daily basis, and taking over only the special examinations of your center. Advice is also provided on already diagnosed cases.



After the completion of every examination, which takes place at your Laboratory, the data are being transferred through a safe network to the diagnostic workstations of our Radiologists. The transfer of data is done through VPN Cloud. The network storage and the workstations are supported by 3D-Biotronics and are approved for medical use. Soon after receiving each examination, it is evaluated and diagnosed by our experienced Radiologists. The diagnosis can be forwarded to your Diagnostic Center as an audio file to be typed by your secretary staff or typed in its final form. It has to be noted that every diagnostic report must be signed by the Radiologist, who dictated it and has the responsibility for the diagnosis.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the specialized platform of BIOTRONICS3D and HEALTHCARE EXPERIENCE, which ensure continuous compliance with the Personal Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), HIPAA, and ISO2700. At the same time, the companies mentioned above guarantee and ensure continued compliance with the Information Management and Security requirements, constantly incorporating any significant changes that occur. Please note that the above platform is hosted in a recognized ISO27001 data center with strong security measures.